[atariparty-news] Atari Party 2011 is less than 2 weeks away!

Bill Kendrick nbs at sonic.net
Mon May 30 18:42:43 PDT 2011

Just a quick reminder!  Atari Party 2011 is less than two weeks away,
on Saturday, June 11th.

We're currently scheduled to run from 12pm-5pm, but if you'd like to show
up as early as 10am to help set up, or get an early start at some games,
please feel free.  (Just be aware that we may need to kick you off the
game to re-arrange hardware!)

If the library's security system is set up, we'll reschedule to screening
of the film "Cloak & Dagger" to take place later in the evening, but at
the moment, it still looks like we need to be out of the library at 5:30pm

Please share the Atari Party with your friends!

You can "Like" the Atari Party website on Facebook using the button
near the top right of any page at the website:

There's also an "Atari Party" group on Facebook:

And there's a Facebook Event for this year's party:

I've posted a few things about the event on Twitter using a combination
of "#atari" and "#davis" hashtags, too.

Thanks, and hope to see you in a few weeks!

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