[atariparty-news] Schedule feedback

Bill Kendrick nbs at sonic.net
Tue Feb 23 20:03:33 PST 2010

Hi again Atari Party fans,

So aside from all of the games, we've got a collection of 18-20 items
to raffle away, and one 2-hour documentary (four 30-min segments),
and one 96-minute feature film to screen.

I'm thinking of breaking it up as follows, but would love feedback
if anyone has any other ideas:

12:00pm -  4:00pm -- Games only [*]
 4:00pm -  6:00pm -- Games + "Once Upon Atari"
 6:00pm -  6:30pm -- Games + Raffle
 6:30pm -  8:00pm -- "Tron", plus slowly, quietly cleaning up the games

[*] The projector could be used for games, demoscene demos, and/or music.

Alternately, we could split the raffle and/or the "Once Upon Atari"
screening into separate stages.  e.g., once an hour we raffle four items,
and/or once an hour we screen another 30mins of "Once Upon Atari."

Comments? Reply to me directly (or consider giving feedback on the volunteer
discussion list). Thanks!

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